Majority says GOP tax law benefits the wealthy the most: poll

Majority says GOP tax law benefits the wealthy the most: poll
© Greg Nash

A majority of respondents in a new survey said wealthy individuals will reap the most benefits from the Republican tax cuts.

Sixty-six percent of those polled in a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday said the wealthy will “benefit the most,” while 22 percent said the middle class will receive the most help from the tax legislation.

A majority of Americans, 52 percent, said they do not approve of the tax plan, compared to 32 percent who support the Republican legislation. Sixteen percent said they did not know or did not provide an answer.


Results of the survey come several weeks after Republicans passed an overhaul of the tax system that the Trump administration has argued will help the middle class. Democrats have said the tax cuts will help the wealthy and corporations. 

A third of respondents in the new poll said they think the tax legislation will increase their taxes, while 24 percent think they will receive a tax cut. Thirty-seven percent said they do not think the bill will have much of an effect.

The poll of 1,106 voters across the country was conducted from Jan. 5 to 9. It has a margin of error of 3.6 percentage points.