Treasury sanctions African rebel Joseph Kony

Treasury sanctions African rebel Joseph Kony
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The Department of Treasury on Tuesday sanctioned Joseph Kony, a rebel leader who has been accused of using child soldiers as part of his Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) that operated in Uganda.

The new sanctions freeze all LRA assets in the United States and bars any U.S. business with the group. Kony and the LRA had already been declared terrorists by the State Department. 


“From murdering innocent civilians to pillaging villages, the Lord’s Resistance Army is responsible for notorious acts of violence,” said John E. Smith, acting director for Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control, in the annoucement. “Today’s action supports Treasury’s broader effort to dismantle this militia group and seek a more stable and secure future for the people of the Central African Republic and region.”

Kony and the LRA have destroyed villages, raped women and are known for using child soldiers and taking girls as sex slaves. 

African and U.S. officials are searching for Kony, who was the target of a 2012 film and social media campaign urging action against the rebel leader.