Obama administration pushes back on healthcare reform implementation

Complying with an important transparency in government provision requiring HHS to publish a list of its new authorities (Sec. 1552; required by April 22, 2010): The list of authorities was posted by this deadline.  They can be found at: http://www.healthreform.gov/health_reform_and_hhs.html

(Republicans have previously said that list is only a recap of what the law says and provides no new specifics.)

Proposing methodology and criteria for designating what qualifies as “medically underserved populations” and “health professions shortage areas” (Sec. 5602; required by May 7, 2010): HHS published the notice in the Federal Register regarding the creation of the methodology, and it is available here: http://frwebgate6.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/PDFgate.cgi?WAISdocID=436803350660+4+2+0&WAISaction=retrieve

Establishing a government task force to develop a strategy to improve the government health care programs in Alaska (Sec. 5104; required by May 7, 2010): Letters have been sent to agencies asking for appointees to the Interagency Task Force to Assess and Improve Access to Health Care in the State of Alaska.  Agencies are actively considering representatives.

Establishing an advisory committee to assist in creating and conducting an advertising campaign to educate young women about breast cancer and breast health, including early detection (Sec. 10413; required by May 22, 2010): The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been hard at work implementing the provision in the new law to educate young women and their health care providers about breast health and cancer. The Charter establishing the committee is under active development and members are in the process of being selected. These task forces and advisory committees will help inform the work that has already begun.