Worker groups to protest Massey CEO Thursday

Workers groups plan to protest Don Blankenship, the fiery CEO for Virginia-based Massey Energy, who will address the National Press Club on mining policy Thursday.

The AFL-CIO says it will distribute fliers proposing that audience members grill Blankenship over Massey's reputation for putting profits above worker safety. The questions the labor group wants asked are:

1) How many workers have to die for you to follow safety laws?

2) When is Massey going to make the safety of miners, not production and profits, the first priority?

3) How many miners have to die because they are afraid to speak out about dangerous conditions?

4) Do you support or oppose Congress’ efforts to hold mine operators personally accountable for their failure to protect minders?

5) Would you work for you?

In April, an explosion at a Massey-owned mine in West Virginia killed 29 workers, prompting House Democrats to propose tighter work-safety rules in the nation's coal mines — a proposal approved by the Education and Labor Committee Wednesday