Poll finds support for health reform fell in August

Americans' support for the Democrats' new health reform law fell to 43 percent in August — down from 50 percent just a month before, according to a new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Meanwhile, 45 percent of the public said they view the law unfavorably, up from 35 percent in July, Kaiser found.

Respondents' views are largely colored by their own partisan leanings, according to Kaiser, which has been tracking public sentiments surrounding healthcare reform since President Obama took office in early 2009. 

A vast majority of Democrats (68 percent), for instance, continue to support the law, down slightly from the 73 percent who indicated their support in July. Most Republicans, meanwhile, continue to oppose the law, with 77 percent of GOP respondents saying they have an unfavorable view of the reforms — up from 69 percent last month. 

Democratic leaders, who were quick to trumpet the results of the July survey, have so far been silent on this month's report — a reaction that hasn't been overlooked by Capitol Hill Republicans, some of whom are blasting the August figures out to reporters' inboxes Tuesday.