Report: House Republicans will bring early vote on repeal of healthcare reform

House Republicans plan to vote early next year on legislation repealing the new healthcare reform law, Dow Jones reported Tuesday.

"I believe we'll see a vote very quickly," Rep. Charles Boustany (R-La.) told Dow Jones. "Whether or not there's a willingness of the Senate to move in that direction, it's important to have the vote."

While the measure would likely fail in the Senate — and has no chance of avoiding a presidential veto — an early vote would be a symbolic gesture to reward conservative voters expected to return Republicans to a House majority in Tuesday's elections. 

Many of those voters see the new reform law as a government takeover of the nation's healthcare system, and they've called for nothing less than a vote on full repeal — even if it proves only symbolic.

Not that the House vote is set in stone. Republicans first have to win the chamber, and even then caucus members will have to meet to decide a legislative strategy, notes Dow Jones, citing comments from GOP leadership aides.