Glenn Beck fibs on healthcare reform's 1099 requirement

Fox News personality Glenn Beck told his viewers this week that if they have items they're thinking of selling, they should do so now because next year the government will require them to file burdensome paperwork.

The problem with that charge: It's an inaccurate interpretation of the law's so-called "1099" provision, which requires businesses that buy more than $600 of goods or services in a single year to file an extra form with the IRS. It doesn't apply to individuals selling their possessions over the Internet.

Congressional Democrats and President Obama have said they want to limit or even repeal the provision, which they acknowledge is burdensome for businesses.


"Don't forget, starting next year in the healthcare bill for some unknown reasons, if you sell anything worth more than $600, you need to send out a 1099," Beck said on his show, according to a transcript from the liberal group Media Matters for America. "So this will be your last chance before the end of the year to do all the selling without any of the paperwork."

Beck went on to tout the online classifieds firm upillar, which sponsors his radio show, but told viewers they can "sell it on eBay or Craigslist or whatever."

Beck also told his viewers on Tuesday's show that "at least 111 companies have been declared exempt from having to use Obamacare." In fact, the firms he refers to have been granted a one-year waiver from the requirement that their annual limit on coverage be at least $750,000.