Anti-reform group calls on senators to vote against omnibus

A nonprofit organization formed to oppose the healthcare reform law is calling on four Republican senators to oppose the omnibus spending bill, claiming that it funds implementation of the reform law.

Republicans criticized the spending omnibus bill after it was released Tuesday afternoon, arguing that the 2,000-page document contains more than $1 billion to fund healthcare reform. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), speaking on the Senate floor Wednesday morning, said the funding for healthcare reform was enough to oppose the omnibus.

“For those of us who’ve vowed to repeal it, this alone is reason to oppose to Omnibus," McConnell said. Chairman Alex Cortes wrote a letter Tuesday morning urging Republican Sens. Bob Bennett (Utah), Kit Bond (Mo.), Susan Collins (Maine) and George Voinovich (Ohio) to vote against the bill after The Hill reported Tuesday that they were considering supporting the measure. 

"We would like to respectfully inform you that the proposed omnibus includes funding to implement the government takeover of healthcare that you voted against," Cortes wrote. "For this reason we are urging you to vote no on the lame-duck omnibus and respect the new electorate mandate to stop ObamaCare."