Leading conservative says GOP should keep reform law in place

Charles Krauthammer, a leading conservative voice, said House Republicans should keep their hands off the healthcare reform law to avoid blame for what he thinks will be the law’s inevitable failure.

Realizing that a Democratic Senate and president will make their wish to repeal the entire reform law impossible, House Republicans have said they will defund the law over the next two years. However, Krauthammer, a Washington Post columnist and Fox News contributor who opposes the reform law, said the defunding strategy will result in a “clumsily enacted” law, providing Democrats the opportunity to blame Republicans if it fails. 

“In the end, if healthcare collapses or if it becomes utterly unworkable, the Democrats will have a way of saying, ‘Well, it was all these injuries inflicted by the Republicans that made it not work,’ " he said on Fox News Monday.

Instead, Krauthammer urged House Republicans to use their new subpoena power to expose flaws in the law. Republicans have been eager to grill Medicare chief Donald Berwick, who was appointed in July without Senate confirmation.

“I think through hearings ... you will expose that in a better way,” Krauthammer said. “Whereas, if you try to take away the funds, in the end, you’re not going to succeed, but you may end up as the fall guy."