HHS unveils 10-year vaccine plan

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Wednesday unveiled a 10-year plan to develop new vaccines and improve public education and access.

The new plan marks the first update to the nation's vaccine strategy since it was first established in 1994. It includes "strategies for advancing vaccine research and development, financing, supply, distribution, safety, global cooperation and informed decisionmaking among consumers and healthcare providers," according to HHS.

The plan aims to achieve five broad goals:

• Develop new and improved vaccines;

• Enhance understanding of the safety of vaccines and the safety of vaccination practices;

• Support informed vaccine decisionmaking by the public, providers and policymakers;

• Ensure a stable supply of, access to and better use of recommended vaccines in the United States; and

• Increase global prevention of death and disease through safe and effective vaccination.

More information about how HHS proposes to achieve these goals is expected this spring.