GOP says new short-term CR blocks some abortion funds

The House Appropriations Committee chairman says a one-week continuing resolution (CR) he offered up last night includes language that would ban federal and local funding for abortion in Washington, D.C.

A spokeswoman for Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) made the assertion in a Monday night press release, but it was not immediately clear what provision the release referred to. The bill posted on the House Rules Committee website last night makes no mention of abortion.

The spokeswoman did not immediately return an email seeking clarification.

Senate Democrats oppose a long-term House Republican budget that passed in February, partially because it includes language that would block federal funding for the Title X family planning program and Planned Parenthood. Those measures have not been included in two previous stopgap measures enacted to keep the government running as lawmakers try to hammer out a long-term agreement to cover the rest of 2011. 

The administration and abortion-rights groups contend that the federal government has a decades-old ban in place on federal funding for abortion.

The one-week CR outlines $12 billion in cuts, including $2.5 billion from Labor and Health and Human Services programs, according to the Rogers press release. The cuts include $185 million for hospital preparedness grants and $156 million for Centers for Disease Control Immunization and Respiratory Disease funding.