Ad campaign against funding cuts to children's programs launched

The advocacy organization Vote Kids launched an ad campaign Monday blasting the Republican budget proposal in the early battleground states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

"Some politicians want to cut kids' programs while protecting corporate giveaways and tax breaks for the rich," the ad says. "Tell the presidential candidates to protect America's kids – and the programs that protect them."

The weeklong television ad seeks to highlight the House budget's cuts to children's programs, including $1.4 trillion in cuts to Medicaid that would result from repealing the healthcare reform expansion and turning the program into a block grant. The ad mentions cuts to school nutrition, pre-school programs and college loans for students.

"The Ryan Budget would convert Medicaid into block grants and result in $1.4 trillion in cuts, while doing nothing to reduce health care costs," Vote Kids President Michael Petit said in a statement. "These cuts would affect the 30 million children nationwide served by Medicaid. It also would cut the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program by $127 billion, or 20 percent, over the next ten years. Millions of families would be affected, leading to increased hunger and poverty."