Report: Perry would veto Texas bill setting up healthcare exchanges

Texas Gov. Rick Perry blocked fellow Republicans in the state legislature from implementing a key piece of the healthcare reform law, but said hed do it through an executive order if necessary, according to an Associated Press report.

Perry threatened to veto a bill, sponsored by Republican state Rep. John Zerwas, that would have created an insurance exchange in Texas. The exchanges are at the center of healthcare reform, and the federal government wants states to run their own rather than rely on a federal fallback.

But Perry said implementing an exchange would undermine the 26-state lawsuit challenging another part of the healthcare law, according to the AP.

The position [Perry] was taking veers into some political considerations, Zerwas said. He felt it would not ring well with some of the constituents and grassroots out there, and frankly, he was concerned it could potentially weaken the arguments in the lawsuit.

According to the AP, Perry told Zerwas that he would create an exchange through an executive order if necessary.