News bites: U.S. reviews decades-old unethical medical research on Guatemalan prisoners

Officials at abortion clinics across Virginia say they don't meet tough new building standards adopted last week, the Virginian-Pilot reports.

The compensation fund for New York's 9/11 victims has been expanded 10 blocks to Canal Street, the New York Post reports.

The Mayo Clinic is collecting far-flung patient data through social networking, The Wall Street Journal reports.


Johnson & Johnson is being sued for allegedly blocking the sale of an oral cancer detection kit that could have raised concerns with its Listerine mouthwash, the U.K.'s Guardian reports.

The Wall Street Journal covers blockbuster drugmaker Pfizer's move toward niche drugs.

Conservative health policy blogger John Goodman says Medicare should allow providers to bundle medical procedures however they want.

The Congressional Research Service tells you all you've ever wanted to know about the health law's individual mandate.

Trial lawyers made medical malpractice a federal issue when they challenged state restrictions in federal court, James C. Ho writes at National Law Journal.

Massachusetts has chosen Boston lawyer Mary Beckman to oversee the state's hospitals and health insurers, the Boston Globe reports.