News bites: HHS to announce new medical record transparency effort

Federal regulators are set to announce new rules making it easier for patients to access their medical records, reports USA Today.

Former President George W. Bush speaks with the Wall Street Journal ahead of launching a partnership to combat cervical and breast cancer in the developing world.

The announcement comes as donors are pulling back in the fight against AIDS because of the economic slump, Bloomberg reports.

A bigger role for the federal government looks likely as states lag in implementing the healthcare reform law's insurance exchanges, the Washington Post reports.

Case in point: New York, the New York Times reports.

Healthcare providers are worried that President Obama's jobs plan will have to be paid for with even more cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, Inside Health Policy reports (subscription required).

The insurance company WellPoint will use the Watson supercomputer - of "Jeopardy!" fame - to help diagnose medical problems and authorize treatments, the Wall Street Journal reports.

One year after passage of the health reform law health insurers in the individual market continue to deny coverage to 20 percent or more of Americans who apply, reports Kaiser Health News.

The Department of Justice joined a False Claims Act against a Florida hospital accused of improper financial arrangements with physicians.