AMA wants supercommittee to limit malpractice suits

Doctors groups on Tuesday urged the congressional supercommittee to reduce the federal deficit through limits on medical malpractice suits.

The American Medical Association and 98 other medical groups signed letters to the supercommitee urging it to adopt tort reform as part of its effort to cut at least $1.2 trillion from the nation's deficit. The AMA said limits on malpractice suits could save the government more than $62 billion over 10 years, citing estimates from the Congressional Budget Office.

President Obama has previously entertained proposals to limit lawsuits by protecting doctors who adhere to a set of standardized best practices for their field. But physicians want a firm cap on non-economic damages in tort suits.

“Reforming the costly and inefficient medical liability system with proven solutions will save taxpayers money,” AMA President Peter Carmel said in a statement.