HHS outlines changes to health law's ACO regulation


These include:

• Greater flexibility in eligibility to participate in the Shared Savings Program; 

• Multiple start dates in 2012;

• Establishment of a longer agreement period for those starting in 2012;

• Greater flexibility in the governance and legal structure of an ACO; 

• Simpler and more streamlined quality performance standards;

• Adjustments to the financial model to increase financial incentives to participate;

• Increased sharing caps;

• No downside risk and first-dollar sharing in Track 1; 

• Removal of the 25 percent withholding of shared savings; 

• Greater flexibility in timing for the evaluation of sharing savings (claims run-out reduced to three months); 

• Greater flexibility in antitrust review; 

• Greater flexibility in timing for repayment of losses; and 

• Additional options for participation of Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics.

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