Analysis: 50K enroll in state-based ObamaCare

Nearly 50,000 people have enrolled in 12 ObamaCare insurance marketplaces operated by states since Oct. 1, according to a new analysis.

The findings from consulting firm Avalere Health shed light on how many enrollees the administration might announce when it releases official sign-up data this week for the first time.


Administration officials have sought to lower expectations about the numbers, arguing they will be especially low because of the problems plaguing

Past enrollment trends in Medicare Part D and under the Massachusetts' healthcare reform law also suggest that most people sign up right around enrollment deadlines.

"Enrollment in new programs begins slowly and often takes several months to build momentum," said Avalere CEO Dan Mendelson in a statement.

"While initial enrollment has been lagging, with aggressive marketing, there is still time for awareness of the program to grow and participation to begin."

The 49,100 enrollees counted by Avalere represent just 3 percent of the total number expected to buy ObamaCare coverage in those states.

An unknown number of sign-ups were for Medicaid, the public health insurance program for the poor, and not private insurance on the new marketplaces.

ObamaCare's state-run exchanges are seen as bolstering the law's performance as the 36 federally run marketplaces affiliated with continue to struggle.

Monday's data did not include those who have signed up in California, a state that's expected to boast strong numbers, Massachusetts or Oregon.

Each state chose whether to run its own system or cede the task to the federal government.