Healthcare stakeholders invited to White House

Healthcare stakeholders, including doctor groups, have been invited to the White House on Tuesday to discuss the implementation of ObamaCare.

The meeting comes as the administration seeks to rally its partners in the healthcare world who have been discouraged by the troubled rollout of ObamaCare since October.


An invitation stated that groups would meet with Chris Jennings and Jeanne Lambrew, deputy assistants for health policy, on topics including the "January transition to marketplace coverage."

Jan. 1 is the first time consumers can use coverage they've purchased under the healthcare law, provided they chose a plan by Dec. 23 and paid their first premium by Dec. 31.

The launch of the new health plans could be complicated for both healthcare providers and the administration if problems arise.

Insurance companies are still receiving flawed data from the federally facilitated exchanges, meaning some people may have trouble using their plans on Jan. 1.

The transition requires a high level of coordination between insurers, providers and federal health officials, raising the possibility of errors, at least in the first few weeks of next year.

The White House did not respond for a request to comment on the invitation.