Gallup: Majority not affected by ObamaCare

Sixty-nine percent of people in the United States say ObamaCare has had no effect on them or their families, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday afternoon. 

Of those affected by the law, 19 percent say it has hurt them or their family, while 9 percent say it has helped them.


Gallup reported that 70 percent of those who say they have been affected by the law have no health insurance. They are the people the law was designed to target. 

A small number of the uninsured, 3 percent, has already obtained insurance for next year. 

These figures come as the Obama administration works to repair HealthCare.gov by Saturday.

Earlier this month, officials revealed only 106,185 people had enrolled in ObamaCare in October — far lower than the 500,000 officials had hoped to target that month.

Gallup said views of the law are influenced by political ideology. Democrats and liberals, for example, were among those surveyed who said the law has helped them.

Overall, 41 percent said ObamaCare will make their own situations worse in the long-term. Only 20 percent say the law will make them better off.

More Americans have consistently expressed negative opinions of the law, Gallup notes, and this 21-percentage-point gap is the largest to date. 

Views of the law have remained relatively the same, however, since the beginning of November. Forty percent approve of the law, but 54 percent disapprove.