Mike Tyson jabs at ObamaCare rollout

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson became an unlikely addition to the chorus of ObamaCare critics late Wednesday, saying the law's rollout has been “horrible.”


“It just really went horrible, didn't it? It's really bad,” Tyson said during an appearance on CNN's “Piers Morgan Live” to promote his new autobiography, Undisputed Truth, and discuss the "knockout game."

Tyson said he supported the healthcare reform law “100 percent,” but said, thus far, it simply hasn't worked.

Asked about Obama's promise that anybody who liked their plans could keep them, Tyson said it showed the need for a new plan on healthcare, as the existing one “didn't work.”

Tyson avoided directly condemning Obama for his promise, remarking that he didn't know “how much you gotta be a brownnoser to be a president.”