Cain: ‘Princess Nancy’ killed better healthcare bill


The comment came in response to a question about how the Republican candidates would change the healthcare system, aside from repealing Obama’s reforms. All of the candidates pledged to reduce the federal government’s role.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was the only candidate to mention converting Medicare into a sort of voucher system “where people have options.” Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney have both proposed a system in which Medicare funding would be turned into subsidies to help seniors buy private insurance. Romney's plan would give seniors the option to remain in the existing Medicare program.

Romney also said more people should buy insurance on their own, rather than getting coverage through an employer.

“You have to get healthcare to start working more like a market,” he said.

Romney’s rivals largely stayed away from attacking the healthcare reforms he signed into law in Massachusetts. The plan created a central marketplace to shop for insurance and provides subsidies to help pay for it. Obama’s healthcare law is structured the same way.