House GOP sets vote on O-Care security bill

House Republicans are preparing for a Friday vote on a bill to address concerns surrounding ObamaCare's rollout.

Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa.) unveiled the new measure Monday in the latest volley between Republicans and the White House over the security of


Pitts's legislation would require federal health officials to notify consumers when there is a data breach on any of ObamaCare's marketplaces. The notice, which could relate to either or a state-based system, would inform the public within two days of an attack in which personal data is threatened.

Republicans cheered the measure as a way to ensure peace of mind for people supplying Social Security numbers and other sensitive details in order to apply for ObamaCare.

"Americans have the right to know if their personal information is jeopardized because of this law," said Pitts, who leads the Energy and Commerce Health subcommittee.

The security of has become a flashpoint as the administration seeks to turn a corner on the once-troubled website. Democrats and the White House argue that the GOP vastly overstates threats to consumers' data on ObamaCare enrollment sites. has several layers of security infrastructure and has not been successfully attacked, according to federal health officials.

"No person or group has maliciously accessed personally identifiable information from the site," said administration spokesman Aaron Albright Thursday.

Friday's vote signals that Republicans will continue to hammer ObamaCare in 2014 after the law's major provisions have taken effect.

The GOP hopes to use the law's unpopularity to boost its chances in the midterm elections.

Democrats characterized the scheduled vote as another attempt by Republicans to undermine the healthcare law.

"It's time for Republicans to drop the partisan and ideological games, and work with Democrats to strengthen and build upon this historic law," said Drew Hammill, spokesman for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Republicans are also expected to consider legislation requiring the government issue weekly enrollment reports for ObamaCare.

—Russell Berman contributed.