OFA launches final ObamaCare sign-up push

The group that arose from President Obama's reelection campaign is launching its final push to enroll the uninsured in ObamaCare's exchanges.

Organizing for Action (OFA) announced Tuesday that its "Last Call" campaign will involve new social media tools and ground efforts by volunteers around the country.


The administration was once hoping to enroll 7 million people in private plans by March 31, but officials have sought to soften that perception.

Through January, only 3.3 million had signed up, about one million fewer than was initially forecast.

The OFA is not the only group gearing up for ObamaCare's final enrollment month. Enroll America is also preparing one last push, along with navigators and outside groups around the country.

Activists are especially concerned about boosting sign-ups among Hispanics and African-Americans, two groups that tend to be disproportionately uninsured.

Last Friday, President Obama’s senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, held a conference call with reporters and three mayors that preside over large black communities: Kevin Johnson of Sacramento, Calif.; Michael Nutter of Philadelphia; and A.C. Wharton of Memphis, Tenn.

Jarrett outlined the “final coordinated push” to enroll blacks in ObamaCare, and said the administration would be working with youth organizers and stakeholders to launch enrollment events targeting black youths in the coming weeks.

A similar effort launched this week aimed at Hispanics.

On Monday, the administration launched a Latino Enrollment Week of Action aimed at educating Hispanics about the merits of getting coverage. The federal government is partnering with local leaders and activist groups for summits in Dallas, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Chicago and Philadelphia to get the word out.

—Jonathan Easley contributed.