AARP defends contracts with insurance company


United pays to license AARP’s endorsement for some of its supplemental Medicare plans. The GOP lawmakers criticized those contracts because they give AARP significant authority over how United structures and markets AARP-endorsed policies.

AARP said it’s “confusing that the lawmakers would target “some of the clearest examples of how AARP’s work to influence the private sector has helped create stronger consumer protections and options in markets where too many seniors had previously been left behind.

The group’s agreement with United, for example, requires that AARP review such plan changes as potential premium increases.

“AARP takes seriously our commitment to making sure AARP-branded products are consistent with our social advocacy mission, and in doing so we’ve helped millions of older Americans get help that was previously kept out of reach, the group said. “We are disappointed that this work should be the subject of Congressional criticism.”