Poll: Politics main driver of O-Care opinions

Politics is the driving factor behind the public’s opinions of ObamaCare, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday. 

No other factor, including education, gender, income, personal ideology or race, influences people’s views more than politics, the survey found. 

Nearly 80 percent of Democrats approve of the healthcare law, while just over two-thirds of Republicans or people who lean Republican disapprove of it.

Independents are fives times more likely to disapprove of the law than Democrats. 

The survey results come from a series of polls Gallup conducted between August 2013 and March 2014.


Party affiliation has largely determined people’s views of ObamaCare, Gallup found when it asked people whether the law would make their family’s healthcare situation worse.

Republicans are 16 times more likely than Democrats to say the law will negatively affect their family’s healthcare in the long term. Republicans are also 22 times more likely than Democrats to say the law will make things worse for the nation as a whole. 

The poll comes as open enrollment for ObamaCare closed at midnight on Monday. While the Department of Health and Human Services hasn't said how many people have signed up for health insurance, The Associated Press reported the administration was on track to enroll more than 7 million people.

A separate Washington Post/ABC News poll published Monday found the public still remains divided over the healthcare law. The survey found 49 percent of the public support ObamaCare, and 48 percent oppose it. 

Seventy-six percent of Democrats now support the law, up from 65 percent in January, that poll found. Nearly half of Republicans, by contrast, said they support GOP efforts to repeal the law.