Report: O-Care enrollment hit 115 percent of projection

More data is backing Democratic arguments that ObamaCare enrollment figures exceeded expectations last month.

The latest numbers from the Urban Institute find the late rush of enrollees put sign-ups well over its original projections.


The nonpartisan research institute says while only 61 percent of projected ObamaCare enrollment was met by March 1, the numbers rocketed to 115 percent by April 19. However, it cautions the final numbers will likely change depending on several factors.

“On the one hand, some people will not pay their premiums and as such will not be covered by marketplace plans during 2014,” says the Urban Institute. “On the other hand, others will enroll in marketplace plans after April 2014 because of special enrollment periods.”

Last month the Obama administration released data that showed 8 million had signed up for health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act, far exceeding their own projections.

However, the administration and the GOP have been embroiled in a spat this past week over how many people have actually paid for their plans so far and what that means for the success of the exchanges.

The Urban Institute also points out that as of April 19, the healthcare marketplaces had enrolled 46 percent of their 2016 projections and a quarter of the entire target population.