Poll: 43 percent view O-Care unfavorably

A new poll finds that almost half of people surveyed think ObamaCare has had a negative impact on the country.

According to the Bankrate.com survey, 43 percent of people view the healthcare law's effects so far as unfavorable while 28 percent have a positive view of the law.


The poll also found negative opinions of ObamaCare tend to increase with income. Those earning below $30,000 tend to have more evenly split opinions on the healthcare law, while wealthier people tend to oppose it, the poll said.

Bankrate also asked people about a recent study by S&P Capital IQ that found some of the largest U.S. corporations will likely move their employees from employer-provided health insurance plans to those offered under ObamaCare, saving up to $800 billion in the next decade. 

The study also found that ObamaCare would give employees more autonomy over their insurance plans.

When asked about the study’s findings that the healthcare law will increase job mobility, 30 percent of those polled by Bankrate.com said this would have a negative impact on the country versus only 14 percent who thought the impact would be positive.

The Bankrate.com poll found that 23 percent of those surveyed who have employer-sponsored health insurance are more likely to retire early or leave their jobs because of the new law, and those with household incomes between $50,000 and $75,000 are the most likely to leave their job because of ObamaCare. 

However, 65 percent of those surveyed also said the ability to take their health insurance with them made no difference on whether they chose to leave their job.