Mixed bag for 2015 Connecticut premiums

People enrolled in Connecticut's ObamaCare exchange could see their premiums rise or fall by double digits next year, according to initial filings by insurers in the state.

Of the three carriers that offered plans in 2014, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is proposing to raise premiums for non-catastrophic plans by an average of 12.4 percent, while ConnectiCare Benefit is proposing an increase of 11.8 percent.


The third carrier, HealthyCT, is proposing to decrease its rates by an average of 8.9 percent.

The premium filings were first reported by the Connecticut Mirror.

If they are approved by state regulators, the increases and decreases will hit each customer differently depending on their age, plan and geographic location.

Consumers will also see their options expand next year as UnitedHealthcare begins to offer polices on the exchange and the other three carriers increase their number of available plans.