Obama healthy, still chews nicotine gum

Obama healthy, still chews nicotine gum
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President Obama chews nicotine gum and drinks alcohol on occasion, according to a report from an official checkup that declared Obama was in excellent health.

The details follow a brouhaha over Obama visibly chewing gum last week at a ceremony in France honoring the 70th anniversary of D-Day.


While the European press made a field day of Obama's habit, some U.S. outlets suggested that chewing nicotine gum sets a better example than smoking. 

Obama's doctor, Ronny L. Jackson, said Thursday that the president remains tobacco-free and very healthy, noting that he eats well and exercises daily.

The report revealed that Obama suffers from mild Vitamin D deficiency and "intermittent" plantar fasciitis, a disorder affecting the heel and causing foot pain.

The president undergoes a periodic physical exam with results released by the White House.