Planned Parenthood sets up post-Hobby Lobby helpline

Planned Parenthood unveiled a text helpline Monday for women who have lost or will lose contraception coverage in their healthcare plans after last week’s Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling.

The pro-abortion rights group says women who have lost birth control coverage or have questions about their healthcare can text the helpline to learn about their options.


The Supreme Court ruled last week some employers could deny workers access to free contraception coverage under their health insurance plans if it would infringe on the employer’s religious beliefs.

The group says women can text “birth control” to 69866 to report an employer's refusal to pay for coverage. Those who use the text service get an email or phone follow-up from Planned Parenthood explaining what options the worker has and help on how to get free birth control.

“What’s important for people to remember is that this is about basic healthcare for women. Ninety-nine percent of sexually active women will use birth control at some point in their life — not only to prevent unintended pregnancy, but for a variety of health reasons,” added Richards.

Eric Ferrero, a Planned Parenthood spokesperson, told The Hill the group can help direct women to the nearest health center where they can get access to contraception and abortions.

He also said many women are too afraid to ask their bosses directly if they will lose coverage. In such situations, Planned Parenthood is asking employers on behalf of the worker so they can remain anonymous.