Uninsured rate sinks to record low


The U.S. uninsured rate sunk to 13.4 percent in the second quarter, the lowest level recorded since Gallup started tracking the question in 2008.

The pollster said the drop followed a "surge" of people completing applications for health insurance through ObamaCare just before the deadline in mid-April.


Since the beginning of the law's open enrollment period, the total uninsured rate has declined 3.7 percent as millions of people gained coverage.

"The uninsured rate has decreased sharply since the Affordable Care Act's requirement for most Americans to have health insurance went into effect at the beginning of 2014," Gallup said in a memo.

The news reveals that ObamaCare's exchanges were successful in reaching people who did not have health coverage.

Though Gallup did not measure how long new policyholders had been uninsured, the 13.4 percent rate represents a marked decline since the beginning of 2013, before many plans were cancelled.

At that point, the uninsured rate was roughly 16.3 percent and ticking upward, according to Gallup's measurement.

The news was immediately cheered on Twitter by administration officials and liberal activists.