Analysis: Lawmakers barely mentioning O-Care

Mentions of the word "ObamaCare" in congressional floor speeches have plummeted as news about the law improves, according to an analysis by the Sunlight Foundation.

Last month, the word was mentioned just 171 times compared with 2,753 times in September 2013, just before the rollout of the insurance exchanges.


The finding, first reported by The Washington Post, is evidence of a substantial decline in congressional discussion of the healthcare law as the administration garners more positive press.

Despite some outstanding problems with the rollout, including millions of inconsistencies in applications for exchange coverage, the law has decreased the uninsured rate and most people reportedly like their plans.

These results have taken the wind out of several key Republican talking points, leaving GOP lawmakers to focus on more technical issues like the application errors.

The decline in mentions of "ObamaCare" on the House and Senate floors coincides with fewer hearings and letters related to the healthcare law.

It is possible lawmakers will reverse this trend somewhat as they respond to the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling on contraception coverage prior to the August recess.