still seeing marked activity has processed nearly 1 million transactions since mid-April, a sign that the site is still adding special enrollments to the federal exchanges because of changes in life circumstances. 

The once-troubled website handled roughly 960,000 "834" forms between April 19 and July 15, according to data obtained by ProPublica via public records request.


These transactions can represent plan enrollments, changes or cancellations. A breakdown was not specified, though an insurance industry official estimated to ProPublica that less than half were new enrollments.

It is hard to say how many people remain in the federally run exchanges since federal health officials stopped publishing enrollment reports.

The Obama administration succeeded in processing 8 million applicants by the end of the official sign-up period in April. Some people may not have completed their enrollments by paying the first month's bill. Others may have dropped out or switched to other coverage.

Still, the data sheds light on how the website functioned — and continues to function — as the months wind toward ObamaCare's second enrollment period in November.

The slowest day of enrollment was Oct. 18, 2013, during the height of technical problems with No "834" forms were set on that day. The busiest day, meanwhile, was March 31 when insurers received 202,626 transactions.