Poll: Most back O-Care subsidies on both state and federal exchanges

A majority believes ObamaCare subsidies should be legal on both the state and federal exchanges, according to a poll released Tuesday.

Fifty-eight percent of registered voters in a Morning Consult survey said all ObamaCare enrollees should be eligible for subsidies to reduce premium costs regardless of whether their insurance plan was bought on exchanges set up by states or the federal government. Only 15 percent thought otherwise.


The poll showing support for the Obama administration’s stance comes with the federal courts split over the healthcare law’s subsidies.

In Halbig v. Burwell, the D.C. Circuit court sided with plaintiffs who said the law limited subsidies only to an “exchange established by the State.”

However, another federal court ruled in King v. Burwell that Congress did not intend to limit subsidies only to the state exchanges.

If the decision in Halbig stands it could deal a blow to ObamaCare, revoking subsidies for millions of consumers.

While 71 percent of Democrats sided with the Obama administration’s position, so did 49 percent of Republicans. Only 23 percent of Republicans said the subsidies should not be available to all.

Most voters, though, said they knew little about the court cases at issue. Fifty-seven percent of registered voters said they had heard nothing or very little about them, and only 14 percent said they had heard a lot.

The Plaintiffs in the King case have asked the Supreme Court to review the ruling.

The Obama administration last week also appealed the ruling in Halbig, asking the full D.C. Circuit to review the decision.