Family: Ebola nurse 'stable,' followed protocol

The family of Amber Vinson, one of the nurses with Ebola, released a statement Thursday night saying she is "stable" and followed all of the "protocols necessary" when treating the Ebola patient in Dallas. 

Vinson is one of two nurses known to have contracted Ebola from treating the original U.S. patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, at a Dallas hospital. 

The hospital has faced questions about its response after it was revealed that workers wore no special protective gear for two days while treating Duncan. 


But the family said Vinson followed protocol.

"Amber is a respected professional and has always had a strong passion for nursing," the family said in the statement. "She followed all of the protocols necessary when treating a patient in Dallas, and right now, she's trusting in her doctors and nurses as she is now the patient."

Vinson was moved to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, which is specially equipped to deal with Ebola patients, on Wednesday.

"Our family has been overwhelmed with support and love for Amber and our extended family over the last 72 hours, and we thank you for those prayers and well wishes," the statement said. "Amber is stable, and we are continuing to work with her doctors as her treatment progresses."