Castro: Cuba will work with US to fight Ebola

Cuba is ready to work with the United States in the fight to contain Ebola, former leader Fidel Castro said on Saturday.

Cuba said it would send 460 doctors and nurses to West Africa to help contain the disease, a move that Secretary of State John Kerry praised on Friday.


In an article published in the Communist Party daily Granma on Saturday, Castro said that his country is pleased to be working with the U.S., the Associated Press reports.

"With pleasure we will cooperate with U.S. personnel in that task," Castro wrote in the paper about the communist-led Caribbean island.

Castro added, however, that the cooperation would not be an attempt to seek peace between the two countries, which have long been at odds, but “for the peace of the world.”

He did not go into details on what form the partnership during the Ebola fight would take.

Castro said that work to curtail the disease is “the greatest example of solidarity that a human being can offer.”

The U.S. is sending hundred of soldiers to train healthcare workers and set up clinics.