UN mum following accusations of botched Ebola response

The World Health Organization is refusing to comment on a leaked internal report that revealed serious missteps in the organization's on-the-ground war against Ebola. 

"WHO will not do interviews or explain details on this document until it is completed," according to a statement released Saturday. "For now, WHO's focus is to obtain the resources needed to successfully fight this Ebola outbreak."

The statement confirmed that the report had been compiled by a "small team" from its organization, but said the document was not yet fact-checked or reviewed by the organization's leadership. 


The WHO, which includes 194 member countries, is the public health arm of the United Nations.

The internal document, which was reported by The Associated Press on Friday, said "nearly everyone" in the WHO failed to realize the speed and intensity of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

It also said that the head of the WHO, Dr. Margaret Chan, was told as early as June that her agency was "compromising rather than aiding the response" to the outbreak.

Groups, such as Doctors Without Borders, also known by its French name Médecins Sans Frontières, have largely spearheaded the criticism.

The WHO said it would release the full review but not until the outbreak is controlled. 

"We cannot divert our limited resources from the urgent response to do a detailed analysis of the past response. That review will come, but only after this outbreak is over," a statement from the WHO reads.