43 cleared from Ebola monitoring in Dallas

Health officials in Texas on Monday cleared 43 people who had been monitored for Ebola symptoms, but they cautioned that 120 are still under watch.


“With guarded optimism we welcome the news that 43 Texans have been removed from active monitoring for Ebola,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) said. “Continuous vigilance in confronting this threat and the cooperation of those affected is what has brought us to this point, and we look forward to the day when the remaining individuals can also be removed from active monitoring.”

The 43 cleared were believed to have come into contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who died of the virus earlier this month after traveling to Dallas.

Officials looking to stamp out the virus were encouraged that even those in direct contact with Duncan while he was contagious seem to be free of infection.

Health officials cleared Duncan’s fiancée, Louise Troh, as well as her friends and family, after a 21-day isolation to cover the virus’s incubation period. Duncan stayed at his fiancée’s house while he began developing symptoms.

"I want to breathe, I want to really grieve, I want privacy with my family," Troh told The Associated Press.

Those cleared also include eight children, who will now return to school.

“We are glad they are back in school,” Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Mike Miles told The Dallas Morning News. “That is where kids belong.”

The remaining 120, who came into contact with one of the other two Dallas-area Ebola patients or healthcare workers who treated them or Duncan, are not out of the woods just yet. If none develops symptoms, however, the last will be released from isolation on Nov. 7.