ObamaCare sign-ups exceed 1M in states


At least 1.1 million people have signed up for healthcare through ObamaCare outside of the federal marketplace, according to a review of state data by The Hill.

That tally is on top of the 2.5 million people who signed up for coverage in the 37 states using the federal exchange, putting ObamaCare on track to outpace its goal for 2015.

Out of the 13 states that don’t use the federal exchange, 11 have reported data since Dec. 17 — a total of 1,142,124 sign-ups. Rhode Island and Idaho have not yet reported numbers.


Tallies from these states reflect the final chance for customers to purchase coverage before Jan. 1. The deadline was Dec. 15 for the federal exchange and many state exchanges, though that deadline has been extended for some.

Five states — California, New York, Idaho, Minnesota and Washington — extended their deadlines this week. Connecticut also announced that it would give customers a “grace period” until Friday to sign up.

California alone has reported nearly 600,000 people signing up and says the state is on track to beat its goal of enrolling 1.7 million people during the second year of open enrollment.

More people in California bought healthcare over the last month than in the first two months of last year’s open enrollment combined, the state said. 

State-based enrollment increased steadily as the deadline approached. Just 183,000 had signed up for coverage as of Dec. 5, according to an analysis by Kaiser Health News.

Maryland, which released its figures Friday, reported the third-largest total behind California and New York, with 136,685 sign-ups.

“This is a great day for public health in Maryland,” Joshua M. Sharfstein, the head of the Maryland’s health insurance marketplace, wrote in a statement Friday.

The second year of open enrollment for ObamaCare ends Feb. 15.