Poll: Voters would approve of ban on ‘sex-selective’ abortions

Americans would support a ban on abortions that are performed solely because of the child’s gender, according to a new poll from the anti-abortion-rights Susan B. Anthony List.

SBA List just recently launched a new research arm, the Charlotte Lozier Institute, which it framed as a counterweight to the abortion research Guttmacher Institute.

The Lozier Institute poll says that 77 percent of respondents would support a law banning abortion in cases where “the fact that the developing baby is a girl is the sole reason for seeking an abortion.”

Illinois, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Arizona have banned “sex-selective” abortion, according to the SBA List and Lozier Institute.

“The issue has received renewed attention because of accounts of the life of Chen Guangcheng, who has highlighted forced abortion and sterilization under the one-child policy of the People’s Republic of China,” Chuck Donovan, president of the Lozier Institute, said in a statement. “Americans seem comfortable with the idea that the deliberate abortion of girls is a form of unacceptable sex discrimination.”