Most directors have resigned from O-Care exchanges, analysis finds

The original directors of ObamaCare's state-based exchanges have almost all resigned since the beginning of the law's first enrollment period, a new analysis found.

Only five of the original 16 officials remain in their posts, according to Dan Diamond, manager of The Advisory Board's "Daily Briefing" newsletter.


Most of the resignations took place during the exchanges' first sign-up window, when many online systems ran into technical flaws that put state officials in hot water.

At least five exchange directors left their posts in part due to problems with the websites, according to Diamond's count. Others left for new jobs — Kevin Counihan, originally with Connecticut's exchange, now runs, for example.

Only the leaders of the California, Kentucky, New York, Washington state and District of Columbia marketplaces are left standing. Diamond, also a Forbes contributor, called the trend "astonishing."

"'Insurance exchange director' probably seemed like a great job in 2012. But it quickly became a political nightmare for many," Diamond tweeted Tuesday.

"Remember: When the exchanges sputtered to launch in Oct. 2013, reporters pounced. CEOs weren’t ready for the attention."

The tumultuous rollout of the exchanges in fall 2013 surprised many state and administration officials. has also undergone a leadership change, gaining Counihan as CEO and Andy Slavitt as a senior adviser.