Poll: Majority support GOP change to ObamaCare mandate

Only 20 percent of Americans believe that employees clocking in 30 hours a week qualify as full-time, giving weight to the GOP argument to raise the government's threshold for full-time work under ObamaCare. 


A majority of Americans say they are in "total support" with the GOP position that employers should only have to provide healthcare for employers working 40 or more hours a week, a poll released Tuesday by Morning Consult found. Nearly three-quarters of those polled said they consider a full-time workweek to be 40 hours.

The definition is crucial under the healthcare law, which requires many employers to offer insurance to full-time employees.

A bill to define full-time as a 40-hour workweek cleared the House last week, largely along party lines. It gained the support of about a dozen Democrats.

That policy – often called the employer mandate – continues to garner wide support, with about 60 percent of people in support, according to the poll. The approval rating is an increase from the 53 percent of people who said they supported the measure in a poll taken near the midterm elections.

The boost in support comes even as Republican lawmakers remain in fierce opposition to the mandate, arguing that it is forcing employers to limit the hours of their part-time work force.

Nearly the same percentage of people who supported the employer mandate also believe companies should also be required to offer healthcare to part-time employees.

The poll was conducted Jan. 8–11 among a national sample of about 1,700 people.