House plans two votes to repeal healthcare law before Supreme Court ruling

The House will keep voting on piecemeal bills to repeal parts of President Obama's healthcare law before the Supreme Court decides whether the law is unconstitutional.

Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said in a planning memo that the House will vote on two partial repeal bills as early as June 4. One would repeal the health law's tax on medical devices, and the other would relax the law's restrictions on the use of tax-preferred health savings accounts (HSAs).

The medical-device industry has long opposed the new excise tax imposed under the Affordable Care Act, and Republicans have recently trained their focus on the HSAs policy. The law bans the use of HSAs to pay for nonprescription drugs unless a doctor writes a prescription anyway.

Cantor also said the House is likely to vote Wednesday on a bipartisan Food and Drug Administration bill. The Senate has passed its version, and leaders want to get a final bill to Obama's desk by July 4.