Obama campaign touts health law in Spanish-language ad

President Obama's reelection campaign is touting healthcare reform in a new ad targeted at Hispanic voters.

Although polls show the public split about evenly on the healthcare law, the campaign is putting it front and center in its appeal to a crucial bloc of voters.

"It wasn’t easy, but President Obama rallied the nation and passed health care reform," the Spanish-language ad says, referring to the yearlong legislative push for the Affordable Care Act, which pundits declared dead several times before it ultimately passed in March 2010.

"The new law gives us greater access to preventive care, protects us from the abusive practices of insurance companies and makes health insurance more affordable," the new television ad says.

According to a news release from the Obama campaign, the healthcare law will enable more than 730,000 young Hispanics to remain on their parents' healthcare plans and will make insurance coverage accessible to up to 9 million Hispanics by 2014, when the bulk of the law takes effect.