hits bump ahead of deadline

Consumers had difficulty submitting their applications for health insurance on just one day before this year's deadline, a Health Department official said Saturday.

"Some consumers have been unable to submit their application because their income is unable to be verified as a result of intermittent issues with external verification sources," the Department of Health and Human Services official said.


By Saturday evening, however, the department had fixed the issue. 

"We resolved the systems issues that prevented some consumers from submitting their applications," the official said.

The department advised those unable to sign up for health insurance earlier in the day to log back in to their account and finish their application. 

"Any consumer who is trying to get covered ahead of the deadline for March 1 coverage will be able to do so," the official said.

The slight bump came one day before the Feb. 15 deadline to sign up for health insurance through ObamaCare this year.  

A total of 14,000 people are working at call centers across the U.S. in anticipation of a surge of last-minute sign-ups. got off to an infamously rocky start in late 2013 but the technology has worked much more smoothly this year, last minute blips aside.