Dems raise funds to 'Protect ObamaCare'


"When you have a sick child, you have to constantly worry about so many things. For me, one of them is whether an insurance company can take away my daughter's health coverage," Lihn wrote in Thursday's email.

She went on to praise the healthcare law for removing the lifetime cap her daughter would have surpassed at 6 months old after several open heart surgeries.

"When Gov. Romney says he'll repeal ObamaCare and 'kill it dead' on day one as president, that terrifies me," Lihn wrote, referring to a comment Romney made on the campaign trail this spring.

Public opinion remains divided on the healthcare law, but Democrats' more forthright embrace of the reform might indicate that they see it helping them on the campaign trail.

Romney has also softened slightly on the issue, promising to keep some provisions of healthcare reform and invoking his Massachusetts law as evidence of his concern for the uninsured.

Lihn's email includes a fundraising link featuring the phrase "Protect ObamaCare."