Sebelius praises health law's benefits for Latinos


"In the future, up to 9 million Latinos will have access to affordable health insurance because of the availability of tax credits and better access to Medicaid made possible by the healthcare law."

The statement came as a new poll found President Obama with a commanding lead over Mitt Romney among Latino voters. Romney will make a bid for that support in a Monday afternoon speech to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, where he will make a commitment to immigration reform.

Unemployment among Latinos is also higher than in the country at large — a point Romney will frame to his advantage as he hammers Obama on the poor economy.

In her statement, Sebelius implied that healthcare reform counts as an economic investment in the Latino community.

“During Hispanic Heritage Month, we can celebrate the progress we have made in ensuring that all Americans, including Latinos, have a fair shot at the quality, affordable healthcare that they and their families need and deserve," Sebelius said.

"And in doing so, we are investing in our entire nation’s physical and economic well-being," she added.

The Latino vote could tip the balance for Obama in several swing states come November. The latest poll in the race, released Monday by Latino Decisions, found Obama with a 68-26 percent lead over Romney.