FDA threatens to pull drug after Kim Kardashian endorsement

FDA threatens to pull drug after Kim Kardashian endorsement
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A recent endorsement from Kim Kardashian West has a drug company in hot water with federal regulators.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned pharmaceutical company Duchesnay last week that it could face consequences over the celebrity’s "misleading" Instagram post promoting its morning sickness drug.


The reality TV star, who has been vocal on social media throughout her pregnancy, posted a photo holding a bottle of Diclegis several weeks ago, which she said made her feel “a lot better.”

“Most importantly, it’s been studied and there was no increased risk to the baby. I’m so excited and happy with my results that I’m partnering with Duchesnay USA to raise awareness about treating morning sickness,” West wrote in her Instagram post. It was also linked from her Twitter account, which has 34 million followers.

But her Instagram post, which has since been taken down, “entirely omits all risk information,” an official with the FDA’s Office of Prescription Drug Program wrote in an four-page email that cites the entire 100-word Instagram post.

To correct the record, the FDA called for a “corrective piece” that clears up West’s previous claims. If the company does not respond, it could result in "seizure or injunction" of the treatment, according to the letter.

And because the FDA requests the correction to be distributed “using the same media,” it could result in another post by West herself.

West's post included a link to a company website with safety information but did not specifically list possible side effects. 

In a statement, Duchesnay USA wrote that it “acknowledges that its communications, including in social media as in this particular instance, need to be in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.”

A representative for the company told TMZ that it had "a deal with Kim for only one post."