New Planned Parenthood video targets fetal tissue company

New Planned Parenthood video targets fetal tissue company
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The anti-abortion group targeting Planned Parenthood released its latest video on Tuesday, showing that one of the organization's partners paid up to $550 per intact fetus.

The majority of the video — the ninth from The Center for Medical Progress — is a secretly recorded video of a woman representing a tissue procurement company called Advanced Bioscience Resources.


Perrin Larton, the company’s procurement manager, is shown openly discussing the role of abortions in her job and how her company hopes to prevent “live births,” though none of what she says appears to be illegal behavior.

It also includes a list of prices for the fetus in the first or second trimester, which had been previously reported by The New York Times, which noted that the data is from 2013.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards told members of Congress last week that the group charges about $50 per specimen.

Under federal law, it is legal for a tissue procurement company to reimburse a clinic for time and expenses. The anti-abortion activists targeting Planned Parenthood have sought to prove that the provider benefitted financially from its program — a claim that Planned Parenthood strongly denies.

Advanced Bioscience Resources is already under investigation from a group of House Republicans who have been trying to determine whether Planned Parenthood has been illegally paying for fetal tissue donations.

The video also shows a brief clip from Dr. Katharine Sheehan, a former medical director for Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, who left her position in 2013.

For the second time, the newest video does not include footage from any current Planned Parenthood officials — something that Planned Parenthood has seized on to argue that the anti-abortion activists are orchestrating a smear campaign.

"The video released today is not about Planned Parenthood," the organization wrote in a statement. "A Planned Parenthood staff member is on screen for a brief period of time, largely appearing to listen to questions and comments being posed by an extremist anti-abortion activist pretending to be a medical professional."

Another company shown in the video, StemExpress, ended its partnership with Planned Parenthood earlier this month.